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Brandon's Table at JW Steakhouse - Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi

Less is more, is it not? If you loo back at your life right now, what are your most memorable moments? Do they involve a large group of people? When you reflect on your university days with fondness, is the source big parties with hordes of class mates? I imagine most of you will remember intimate moments with a handful of people. Yes, less is more. If you cast your mind back to your greatest love, I am sure you will come up with one name that is burned in memory. Yes, less is indeed more. JW Steakhouse at the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi was the setting for another Brandon's Table, an intimate dinner for 12 people, exploring the less is more concept - the level of intimacy and sharing when there is a small group of diners bound by a belief in the beauty of life, regardless of its challenges, brought out through conversation, food and wine. 

Chef de Cuisine at JW Steakhouse, Stephan Benkendorff, used his incredible Tasting Menu as the vehicle for the evening written about previously…

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