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Burgers & Châteaux at the only wine bar in the city - La Cava, Rosewood Hotel, Abu Dhbai

The only wine bar in the city, La Cava at Rosewood Hotel, remains an enigma because four years on, no one has tried to copy its concept. I am surprised that we have only one wine bar in the city but I am also pleased that the one we do have is La Cava (Note there is a new wine bar opening in the city 1st quarter of 2018)
It has become less intimidating to guests thanks to exciting promotions that has allowed it to shed its 'expensive' tag. One of the promotions I am thrilled is back, is Burgers & Chateaux, in which burgers are offered with some Chateau wines.
If you have not been to La Cava, you will fall in love with it the moment you walk down the spiralling staircase. This dimly lit venue is supposed to resemble a cave, hence the name 'La Cava' - Every time I visit La Cava, I ask myself, 'How did they know how much dim lighting would work?' In truth, it is just perfect. The lighting lends an air of sophistication to the venue. 

La Cava offers three burgers,…

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