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A Fishmarket Brunch at Al Raha Beach Hotel, Abu Dhabi

I attend quite a few brunches every year and in all that time, I never thought of trying the Friday brunch at Al Raha Beach Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Actually, I had been to the hotel once, almost 4 years ago and just never felt a connection. However, a couple weeks ago I was invited by the hotel's executive Chef, Chef Sinju, whom I had met year earlier at the Westin in Abu Dhabi, to try the brunch and give him my thoughts. Never one to say no to a Chef, I obliged and tried the Fish Market brunch. A few thoughts emerged after my experience.

The Fish market concept.
It is simple enough. Walk along the spread of fresh fish. Choose what you want and ask for it to be grilled. If you have ever been to the fish market in Mena, you will understand this. I counted more than 20 different types of fresh fish on offer including sea bream, red snapper, sultan ibrahim and sea bass. Conceptually, there is no other brunch that does this. There might be a few brunches who grill fish for guests, but not o…

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