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A steakhouse with two concepts - Choice Cut at Novotel Al Bustan, Abu Dhabi

It has been more than 2 years since I last tried Choice Cut Steakhouse at Novotel Al Bustan in Abu Dhabi. When I last visited it, I wrote 'A very good evening. Choice Cut manages to undercut, pun intended, high end steakhouses with prices while offering a good night out' - when one returns to a place, it is always interesting to see how that venue has progressed or regressed, whichever the case may be. After my visit, these are some observations.

1. Concept change
The first noticeable difference is the Eat as much steak as you want offer that runs alongside the usual a la carte menu. It is priced at 124AED net and allows you to feast on three different cuts of steak as well as fish. Initially, I questioned having this as a concept because it detracted from the a la carte menu and would obviously result in poor quality beef for an undiscerning public. However, while I did not try this on my visit, I had a look at the beef cuts on offer and was surprised to see some beef that serv…

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