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Afternoon Tea - Shangri-la, Abu Dhabi

Afternoon Tea, as you may recall from a couple of previous posts, is a wonderful celebration of life. It is where things dainty are privileged. It is an occasion where pomp and ceremony are welcomed and in their absence, tears are shed. That is Afternoon Tea. A time for little girls to wear dresses. A time for her parents to take a little extra care in choosing what to wear. My visit to Shangri-la for Afternoon Tea was my first such visit in more than 4 months, so you can excuse this post if the words in front of you keep jumping at you - that would be excitement.

Afternoon tea is served in the Lobby Lounge. It is classic Arabian with a high ceilings and magnificent palm trees. I see  a glorious orchid display in the middle of the lounge. There is a terrace area that affords views of the canal and of course, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. As I take a seat , I am thrilled to learn that the Lounge is now completely a no-smoking area. Kudos to management. The bar and terrace are  the only smok…

Prego's - Media Rotana, Dubai

When one drives from Abu Dhabi to Dubai to have dinner (a 90 minute drive at a  relaxed speed), one hopes that the evening will not be a disappointment because the drive back can easily kill off the excitement, anticipation and hopes that one had earlier.  So, as I drove to Dubai, these thoughts drifted in and out of my mind.

As I walk into Prego's at Media Rotana, I am greeted with a big smile by the hostess and shown to my table. The first feeling that washes over me is how warm Prego's is. This warmth runs deeper than the friendly hostess. It is the decor. Light wood floors and wood paneled walls ensconce the restaurant in warmth. Light shades create soft yellow light. A red motif runs throughout the restaurant in light shades, sofas and seats. Finally, the dimmed lights, if there is any doubt in anyone's mind, drive home an overwhelmingly cosy feeling, notwithstanding that the restaurant seats around 120 diners.

The evening starts off with a Cava Cordon Negro Freixenet,…