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Sukhothai Thai Cuisine - Le Meridien, Dubai

In the 1200s a city named Sukhothai came into being. It was found in the province of the same name, where it is believed the Thai alphabet as it stands today, originated. However, there is more romantic significance to the name Sukhothai. Loosely translated, it means "Dawn of Happiness". It was Sukhothai, one of an impressive selection of restaurant outlets at Le Meriedien in Dubai, that I dined in a few nights ago. Come with me and taste, through words,  a dawn of happiness.

Le Meridian Hotel is quite special. Like its counterpart in Abu Dhabi, it is made for walking. We walked through the lobby and thankfully we were shown the long way to the restaurant. I say that because the long way gave me a glimpse into the property and of course its fabled village, a natural garden area that is over 20 years old.

On arriving at Sukhothai, I felt I was entering another time and spatial dimension. To say that the restaurant looks authentic is stating the obvious. But it needs to be sai…

Mega Friday Brunch - Dusit Thani, Dubai

I have long believed that one of the virtues of Friday brunch is that it showcases the strengths of a hotel's F&B outlets. For want of a better expression, it is like a 'Best of' compilation of those restaurants. Some hotels do it, while others do it exceptionally. Dusit Thani in Dubai fits into the latter category. Their Friday brunch really celebrates their restaurants and offers some fine dishes from Pax, Italian, Benjarong, Thai and the Californian, their international all-day dining restaurant that is American influenced.
I arrive at Dusit Thani and am greeted in a friendly manner and told where to go for the brunch - an elevator ride to the 24th floor. As the elevator door opens, the hostess is right there and guides me to my table.
The brunch is expansive, covering all three restaurants. I am told they can do up to 250 people. However, because they use three restaurants, I do not feel the anticipated crowd. I am seated in Benjarong with a great view of the Burj…

Friday Brunch - Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi

There are those brunches in Abu Dhabi that as a right of passage, you simply have to experience. Having lived in Abu Dhabi for almost 3 years, I finally tried Friday brunch at Cuisine, The Fairmont.

First impressions are everything, and sadly the hostess we met as we arrived failed to grasp this. Warm and friendly yes, but missed on basics like asking if it was our first visit or explaining to us key areas of the brunch. It would have been useful, for example, if she told us there was a kids' area. Nonetheless, we make our way to our table. We sit down and I simply took it all in - it is a lively brunch, as a brunch should be, but missing music though. It is also a big brunch. Depending on how busy they are, The Fairmont opens up two other restaurants, Frankies and Marco Pierre to accommodate guests.
 Our waiter eventually comes and introduces the three packages available. The sparkling package features a favourite of mine, Laurent Perrier Champagne. I was on the wine package, how…

Hotel Stay - Media Rotana, Dubai

As I walk into Media Rotana there is an immediate warmth I feel. A friendly greeting at the door and the orchid arrangements in the lobby make you feel that warmth. While the check-in desk is busy, I am offered a seat and a drink. While I decline, I am impressed. When I check-in a couple minutes later, it is smooth and I make way up to my room.

The room
The hotel has 396 rooms and suites, including club rooms. On this occasion, I am staying in a Premium room.The room itself is quite spacious. The sofa and sofa seat at the window is an added bonus and does not detract from the spaciousness. It is space really well managed. I have a look at the bathroom and see a separate bath and shower. Premium L'occitane bath products in the bathroom illustrate the hotel's commitment to making the Premium room experience something special.

Media Rotana has five F&B outlets: Channels, Prego's, Nelson's, The Terrace and Connexions. Channels, the all-day dining restaurant, …