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Italian at Sacci - The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa

A few Weeks ago I attended the launch of Sacci, the latest Italian offering in Abu Dhabi at the Westin Golf Resort & Spa. With so many Italian restaurants in the city, I think it is important that a restaurant has its identity. It cannot be all things to all people. There should be an honesty and integrity about the place, making guests feel they are in an establishment that has character. That was my feeling that night - I felt that Sacci knew what it wanted to be. This night, though, is a chance to properly try the menu and see if that character I perceived last time, is authentic.

We decide on three starters to share: the Burratina, Caprese and Carpaccio. The Caprese is a wonderful start to the evening.  A chunk of buffalo mozzarella is perched on top of Sicilian datterino tomatoes and marinated grilled eggplant. I love the variation here on a classic salad. The 12 year old balsamic brings just the right level of sour-sweetness  to bear on the dish. Furthermore, a bit of rucol…

The Friday Chill & Grill brunch at Nahaam - Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers has one of the most comprehensive and finest selection of Food & Beverage outlets in the city. The outlets I have tried have convinced me that it is a property that sees the value in having restaurants that are able to attract not only hordes of hotel guests, but more importantly, walk-ins who live in the city. There is something about Jumeirah that makes you want to aspire to something more. Maybe it is the branding, but whenever I dine there, I feel I am having  a bit of that aspiration realised. 

 Nahaam does a so called Chill & Grill Friday brunch, and as I arrived for, the question in my mind was whether this afternoon would have those elements that make Jumeirah a  special culinary destination.  Does it have that Jumeirah feeling that elevates the spirit and drives home a sense of luxury?

Five talking points

1. Terrace Seating
The outside area has a few barbecue stations which set it apart from brunches in the city. As I went outside, the aroma of l…

Italian Nights at Privé - Hyatt Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi

Ubiquitous theme nights dominate the daily landscape of hotel restaurants in the city. You've seen it all: all-day dining restaurants creating themes to entice guests. While a few theme nights in the city are worth attending because they offer something unique, the rest are generally all fairly similar - large crowds trying to get as much food on their plates as possible! However, the Italian night at Hyatt Gapital Gate's Privé falls into that small category of theme nights that I would visit again and again. 

It is a year since the Italian night was launched, and having been to that first night, I wanted to see how it had changed, or stayed the same. My first post can be read here: As I did then, I maintain that Privé is a very nice venue. It is intimate and warm, and because it is basically a bar/lounge, the setting is stylish. It would have been easy for management to add more tables, but they have resisted. It is about an experience, not maximizing pro…

“Make a Difference Day” 23rd October - Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi

If you could be a super hero for a day, what would be your super power? Maybe you would like to be Fireball with power to breathe fire. How about Seasongirl, gifted with powers of changing the seasons at will. Maybe, you could be  modest super hero who saves an animal from extinction? 

Every year Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi hosts this charity event. This year's event  is aimed at raising funds for EWS – WWF (Emirates Wildlife Society – World Wildlife Foundation) – a non-profit organization that supports the conservation of nature and the environment in the UAE – as well as the Make A Wish Foundation which grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions

Mitsuki, my daughter and inspiration behind my blog, is an 8 year old who like most kids her age, would like to grow up not worrying that one day she may never see certain animals again. So, join Beach Rotana in making a difference - yes, every little helps. 

Friday brunch - Zuma, Abu Dhabi

Brunch launches are never smooth affairs. One expects teething problems at such an event as management and chefs alike evaluate the success of their concept. However, because the restaurant involved was Zuma, I had no fears of any start up issues surfacing. This is the restaurant that made such a splash in Abu Dhabi in its short time that a mere 3 months after opening, Zuma was named Best Fine Dining 2014 by Ahlan - an odd category it must be said, but it was clear that Zuma had already made a name for itself. It has also been awarded What's On Abu Dhabi 2014 Best Newcomer. A few months on, they are about to launch brunch. I arrive expecting to be wowed.

If you have not been to Zuma, it is like nothing you have seen in Abu Dhabi. Noriyoshi Muramatsu, charged with designing a chic and elegant setting that would speak to an upwardly mobile crowd while keeping the feel of an izakaya, has done a great job in creating a unique character that will ensure that people do not compare it to …