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Teatro again - Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi

On my second visit to Teatro, I was curious to see how their Far Eastern menu items held up. In a previous post, I noted how varied the menu was and that there was somewhat of a lack of focus, trying to be everything to everyone. ( ). However, while I maintain that the menu needs streamlining, on this visit I wanted to try some of those East Asian dishes on their menu.

I started off with the Buffalo mozzarella salad, a dish similar to what I had the last time. It was bright and colourful, with one of my favourite ingredients, beetroot, prominent on the plate. Tomatoes, red and yellow brought a hint of sweetness to bear on the salad. Also, the mozzarella and pesto provided a dash of contrasting colour and taste. Finally, balsamic, nicely proportioned, rounded off the dish. The chunky pieces of beetroot were beautiful indeed. In short, a wonderful dish of goodness and freshness.

Next up, my guest and I had a sushi and sashimi platter. What I liked about the options i…