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Seafood Night Launch at Latest Recipe - Le Meridien Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Ever since Acropolis opened at Le Meridien I have been excited about the F&B transformation at the hotel. Not only did they open the only authentic Greek restaurant in the city, they also relaunched their all-day dining restaurant, born as Latest Recipe. The media were invited to their Seafood Night launch. Here are some impressions. 

Three talking points from my experience

The dishes

The live grill station proved immensely popular, with seafood of course the main attraction, but also beef on offer for those who oddly find themselves at a  seafood night and do not want seafood! Needless to say the seafood station too had the usual items you would expect at a seafood night, highlighted though by sushi, sashimi and blue crab.

However, the three stand-out dishes for me were the Salmon ceviche, Kabsa shrimps and the Tandoori promfret. The latter in particular was full of flavour, cooked in the tandoor, but still retained that beautiful spicy marinated sauce - a testimony to the chef's…

Friday brunch at Terrace on the Corniche - St Regis Hotel, Abu Dhabi

On a previous visit to Terrace on the Corniche, my first since the closure of Rhodes 44, I commented on how it was hard for me to escape the ghost of Rhodes 44, an excellent but poorly patronised restaurant. Well, I felt it even more intensely when I went for brunch because it was at a brunch that I fell in love with Rhodes 44. And it was here that one of my daughter's favourite moments happened: 

However, I was determined to experience the brunch offering at Terrace on the Corniche with an open mind, building on my previous visit to the Terrace which is reviewed here:

As I was shown to my table by the hostess, there was an energy at the brunch already - and that was just after 1pm. It says a lot about  a brunch when  so soon after the exodus of, and subsequent return of the expats, that it is around 80% full. How did it bode for the rest of the afternoon? Here follows some talking points from the brunch.

Feeling of luxe

This is inescapable. There is an elegance …

The Fishmarket - Intercontinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi

We live in a city that is changing all the time. Residents who have been here for 10 years will tell you how much Abu Dhabi has changed in that time. So you can appreciate how much change has swept through the city in the last 30 years. And yet, through this passage of time, the Fishmarket at Intercontinental has remained standing, becoming an icon on the Abu Dhabi culinary landscape. I could not believe that after 4 years of residency in Abu Dhabi, I was finally trying it. 

Three key aspects of The Fishmarket

Old can be good

There is an old fashion-ness to the restaurant. It is the antithesis of all the glass and steel restaurants out there with a contemporary feel. Bamboo and wood instead dominate in this restaurant, making it warm. It is, you may say, charming. Loyalty seems to be a key at The Fishmarket. Speaking to staff, I heard about many returning customers; about guests who have been patronising the restaurant since it opened. The Fishmarket is a living metaphor for the notion t…

Hotel stay - Southern Sun Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Since its opening a year ago, Southern Sun, the Tsogo Sun Group's first foray into the Abu Dhabi market, has consistently received rave reviews from guests. In that time it has challenged people's perceptions of what makes a 4* and a 5* hotel. I needed to find out for myself. 


While situated near the corniche towards the Mina area, it is not plagued by traffic congestion. It is more on the outskirts of downtown. There is an Adnoc just outside the hotel, making it easy to get something from the convenience store. I live close to the airport, and it took me around 22 minutes to get to the hotel. Not bad at all. 


I had a very smooth check-in. An initial strength of the hotel was shown by the way staff deal with my checking in. Efficient, in good time and with heart. My room, a  suite on a  high floor as per my request, was gorgeous. A separate living room gave it added space. I liked  that space was not wasted and used very smartly. I think sometimes  a big room is just…

Saturday Brunch Mint Leaf of London, Dubai - Dubai

There is something very sophisticated about a table brunch - you know, the one where the food is served and you don't stand in line? I am quite surprised there are not more restaurants going for this. On a rare foodie's visit to Dubai,  I got to try the Saturday brunch at Mint Leaf of London, Dubai. I was really happy to know that the Saturday brunch is not a  scaled down version of their Friday brunch. It is the same menu. 

Admittedly, I have had the absolute pleasure of having dinner here on two or three occasions, so naturally I thought I should see how they carry this over to a brunch. After all, a brunch is not only about food, otherwise it is just lunch!

Some talking points from the brunch

An enviable one indeed. With a lounge, bar and dining area at its disposal, I saw people sitting in all these areas of Mint Leaf. The lounge gives the best views of the Burj Khalifa while offering a more sedate atmosphere, perfect for conversation and privacy.  Then, the bar has it…