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BU! about to shake things up in a big way - World Trade Centre Mall, Abu Dhabi

In the last 3 years, there have been restaurants launched which have transformed the dining landscape in Abu Dhabi. They were Zuma, Asia de Cuba and Catch. It has been a while since, but there is a new restaurant that is about to do the same. BU! has enjoyed a soft opening and is now about to officially open its doors. The grand opening is the 28th of April, but I had the pleasure of trying their menu in advance of its opening. 

Are we still in Abu Dhabi?

One of the reasons we go to restaurants is that we have a need to escape the pressures of life or to be transported away to another time. BU! is able to do this on numerous levels. Set on the 4th-floor terrace of the World Trade Centre Mall in Abu Dhabi, you can't help feeling you are in another place. Downtown is a hive of activity and can be a noisy place, but to have that replaced by Latin tunes, the clip-clop of high heels and roaring laughter of happy guests is a nice change. Sat cosily between two skyscrapers, BU! provides an…

Asian fusion Brunch at Sontaya - The St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi

I am becoming more and more grateful for Saturday brunches. With hotels generally offering a typical big brunch on a Friday, it frees them to be very creative on a Saturday. Having said that, there are still hotels offering  a brunch with a similar concept to what they are doing on a Friday - it is just a scaled down version. Sontaya's Asian fusion brunch, on the other hand, seeks to continue the growing trend of a Saturday brunch that is high on food quality while offering a balance between price and personalised service. 

You cannot visit Sontaya without mentioning the location. As you arrive at Sontaya, you notice the earthiness of the restaurant. The elements. On this occasion, its wood and water that really grab me. The little walkway with water on either side is soothing and calming, something that will remain with you throughout your stay at the brunch. Where many restaurants who boast a terrace will be severely hurt when Summer comes, Sontaya has the benefit of having an ex…

Galito's Chicken Flame Grilled, Dubai's first outlet - Business Bay, Dubai

Galito's recently opened in the Dubai for the first time, following two of its restaurants in Abu Dhabi. They have chosen to locate it at Business Bay, an area that in a couple years' time will be teeming with people. Seating on the terrace is a great option in the cooler months, with an aesthetic element in the form of fountains close by.

Galito's Flame Grilled chicken offers an alternative to oily American options which are so ubiquitous in the UAE. It is more expensive  but healthier and tastier - you will wonder why you have been spending your money on  those American food court restaurants. There is a selection of sauces which vary in spiciness from mild to extra hot. The sauces provide extra flavour but also a talking point among diners - the extra hot is really hot. For the feint hearted, the lemon and herb is the perfect option and is the one my 9-year old usually chooses.

Galito's makes delicious fries, but be careful not to have too much because they are addict…

BBQ heaven in Abu Dhabi - Famous Dave's, Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi residents are always on the look-out for the next thing as far as restaurants go. The casual dining segment is a very competitive one, with quite a few foreign brands arriving in the nation's capital. The recent arrival of Famous Dave's, the multi-award winning BBQ restaurant from the U.S. at Abu Dhabi Mall is a testimony to this. I braved a mall on a Thursday night to see how it compared with other American casual dining restaurants. 

Concept There is a quirkiness about Famous Daves that will make you want to go back. There are little things which make it a different experience compared to their rivals. Our waitress introduced herself and talked about why she was famous - a tag line at the restaurant. In turn, we had to tell her why we were famous. I like it. A natural ice breaker and creates a connection immediately. 
Famous Daves has a very southern feel to it. Wooden floors are just part of what give sit a rustic feel. 'Half completed' barns give the feeling…