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First Class Champagne offering on Qatar Airways - A380 Service Doha-Bangkok

There are those things we aspire to in life and the luxury of first class travel will be on many mortals’ bucket list. It is an almost hallowed space on the plane, separated by that dreaded curtain, and in today’s changing flying climate, it is even more sought after as airlines cut down on first class routes.For those who love champagne, it might be a fabled label that has attained almost mythical status in your life as one to be enjoyed. Now bring together first class travel and champagne on one of the world’s finest airlines, and you have something pretty special. My recent flight on Qatar Airways’ ultra luxurious A380 in First Class to Bangkok showed that bucket lists are there to be realized. More than that, it allowed me to have some of the best champagnes available in the sky right now.

The cabin is indeed luxurious, but it is understated, calmingand soothing on the eyes. There is none of the bling that is often associated with airlines in the region. Amenities are functional, …

Rosso Restaurant and Bar - Amwaj Rotana Hotel, Dubai

My journey at Rosso Restaurant and Bar, the Italian restaurant at Amwaj Rotana in JBR, Dubai really begins at the bar. There are so many restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who have a bar as part of the space but it does not always work because diners head straight to the dining area, often leaving the bar quite bare. It is immediately evident as I walk into the bar that it is a destination in itself. It is Thursday night and the bar is virtually full.  A quick glance at the restaurant shows that it is also quite busy. 

As is trademark at Rotana hotels, there is a wide selection of by the glass wine options, and I start off with a glass of Prosecco. I can't help notice that some people have opted for the bar bites menu, while I overhear a couple mention that they will be dining soon - at the restaurant. I like this. When going to an Italian restaurant, regardless of how casual or elegant it may be, I like the idea of starting the evening with an aperitif. Soon after, I make way to t…

JB's Gastro Pub - Amwaj Rotana Hotel, Dubai

With the advent of gastro pubs, I found myself exploring another area of food and drink that I ordinarily would not have ventured into - a pub. Pubs have certainly taken it up a notch in terms of catering for a wider range of guest and the demographic has indeed changed. Gone are the smoke-filled rooms, the smelly ash trays and sign at the door that says 'No kids' allowed. In this context, I recently had the opportunity to try JB's Gastropub at Amwaj Rotana in JBR in Dubai.

Space. This definitely connects my 10-year-old daughter and me as we both say something to the effect that it is so spacious. While she makes her way to our table in the non-smoking section, I pause to take in the scene. It is a well-designed pub with aesthetes likely to line up and revel in the earthiness of the pub.  Brick and wood dominate but clever lighting ensure quite a bit of soul. It is interesting to note that even with the feeling of openness, the pub has that feeling of warmth. 

I am presented…

The Martini Brunch returns for the new season - The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa

This remains one of the most significant brunches in Abu Dhabi after its launch around 16 months ago. It has defined what Saturday brunches are all about, and with its Martini concept it has really stuck its neck out, something refreshing in a city where brunches play it safe to placate the masses. I was curious to see how the Martini Brunch was getting on and to see whether or not it had compromised its martini soul to please most people. 

It is interesting that the food is concentrated in the centre of Lemon & Lime, the lounge and bar that hosts the brunch. An elevated platform is the hive of activity as chefs do all their dishes from this point. I like it. There is a lot of action here. They have kept the food sensible - this is so important to me who sees so much wastage going on at hotels. I am thrilled to see one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Abu Dhabi given a prominent role in the brunch, with new Chef de Cuisine from Sacci, Chef Leonardo, pulling the strings. He ha…